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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 specs and price and how to pre order in Kenya

Galaxy Z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G foldable smartphone is now open for pre-orders in Kenya at a cost of KES 119,999. Kenyans can place their pre-orders for this phone at authorized Samsung dealers or at Safaricom outlets, including

What are you getting from pre ordering this phone? Samsung extends a 12-month warranty for inner screen breaks and you are likely to get a leather cover and a wireless duo charger. This is part of the deal for getting into the Samsung Care+ portfolio.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 was launched in August together with the Galaxy Z Fold3 which is also accepting pre-orders. However, the pre orders are limited even though the phone manufacturer has adopted the policy of allowing unlimited allocations to all markets across the world, unlike before. The foldable Z series devices have proven to be popular with reports of massive pre orders of 450,000 being received in the first week of the launch.

Notable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 specs

Notable downsides

The Galaxy Flip3 quick review

The fact that Samsung has decided to offer unlimited allocations to all regions means one thing: the brand is selling and is here to stay. The foldable phones have had their own challenges since they were first manufactured, with issues of creases where the screen folds, disintegrating hinges, and poor display with the screen appearing partitioned.

It appears Samsung has made strides in this technology as the Galaxy Flip3 does not show an obvious crease line where it folds, the hinges are stronger and a cover screen for the 120Hz refresh-rate screen show. You can easily fold it and use the outer screen to record videos and shoot fantastic photos.

The small size and great photos would make it ideal for any travellers and tourists who want to capture those unforgettable moments. When folded, it does not feel like you have a folded phone in your hands, and you can flip it open with just one hand. Previous pones made it feel like you were holding a combination of two phones.


The cover screen is larger than previous foldable smartphones. Both the inner screen and outer screens are fantastic when used outdoors, and you won’t strain your eyes when in the sun.

With the Director’s View selected when taking photos, you can see a preview from all three cameras of what you are shooting and how it looks like on camera. So your subject can always see themselves on the cover screen before you press the button.

However, you will be more concerned about battery life when you are having fun taking pictures and videos and connected to 5G. You’d be lucky to do 3 hours of onscreen time before the battery starts asking for more sauce.

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