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Samsung to announce new date for Galaxy Fold launch in a few weeks

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South Korean tech giant Samsung said it will announce a new date for the launch of the Galaxy Fold. According to reports on CNET, the launch should be announced in the coming few weeks. It is slightly more than a month since the launch date of the foldable phone was postponed after review samples of the revolutionary smartphone experienced a myriad of display problems.

Samsung indefinitely postponed the release date of the much-hyped Galaxy Fold which was scheduled for April 2019 after early users who included review journalists and influencers found out that the screen displayed poorly due to ‘substances found inside the device’. Other reported problems were the bulging and flickering of the gadget’s plastic screen after a few sessions of use, and that the screen literally broke after several foldings and use.

Samsung promised to run further internal tests to discover and rectify the problems as well as fix the hinge problems, including not allowing space for debris to gather at the fold. The company also promised to ‘strengthen the display protection’ to solve the screen breaking and peeling issues.

Samsung will be banking on the success of the Galaxy Fold to bounce back especially with the slump of the smartphone market worldwide which led the company to give early profit warnings. The tech giant announced that its profits would dip by 60 percent. It will also be keen to maximise on the US – China trade wars which have taken a hit on its major competitor Huawei. The Chinese phone maker has has lined up Mate X foldable phone that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early this year.

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