Self destructing message feature on WhatsApp coming soon

Self destructing message feature on WhatsApp coming soon

The WhatsApp self-destructing messages feature is probably the best news to come out of the most popular messaging up in recent times. The guys at Wabetainfo were the first to discover this feature which is still in the testing alpha stage.

The Disappearing Messages feature will probably be available in the next update of the WhatsApp version 2.19.275. The feature has not yet been released so keep your cool even if you updated your beta version WhatsApp recently. It is not yet clear when the feature will be available but since the app has already submitted the update to Google Play, we hope it is very soon.

If you are a user of Telegram, it is highly likely that you have come across a similar feature. Of course, most people agree that Telegram is somehow way ahead of WhatsApp in terms of innovation as it has some amazing features which the later is trying to catch up with.

How does the WhatsApp self destructing feature work?

The feature will allow you to ‘disappear’ messages after a short while according to your settings. The message will be automatically deleted and there will be no trace of it anywhere. The trial version was only working for Group chats though, not yet sure whether it will be available for personal chats. This is how you go about it, in case of any changes then this post will be updated:

  • Open Group Info
  • Go to Group Settings.
  • There will be three options visible: 1. Edit Group Info 2. Send Messages 3. Disappearing Messages.
  • The Disappearing Messages function is set to Off by default, so you just tap on it to set to On.
  • Once you select On, you will be directed to select the desired Expiration time. In the trial version, there are only two options: 5 seconds and 1 hour.
  • Now you can start chatting. Any messages you send will expire after the Expiration time elapses, meaning they will self-destruct. There will be no trace, not anything like “Message deleted”.

As WhatsApp works on this feature, hopefully they will extend it to private chats. No one can tell whether when you enable this option, the messages of the other persons you are chatting with will self-destruct too on both ends. You see it wont make sense for a chat to only self-destruct from one end, but of course they know that.

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