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Superfoam Ltd wins best brand award at 254 Realty Expo

Superbrands Kenya Superfoam

Superfoam Limited won the award for best overall brand at the 254 Realty Expo held in Mombasa on 16th November 2019.

“The Expo has been a success to Superfoam as a brand as  we have been able to interact with our customers from the Coastal Region, as well as highlight our brand in this part of the country,” said Sanskratti Shetty, the company’s Marketing Manager. 

“We are extremely grateful to our customers from the Coastal Region for showing interest in our products and allowing us to share in our sleeping experience. We as a brand are dedicated to providing the best sleeping solutions to our customers from all over the country since we believe that a well rested nation equals a productive nation,” said Mike Fischer CEO Superfoam Ltd.

The brand aims at using platforms like this to increase their market range and get higher audience.

Feature photo: Superfoam CEO Mike Fischer (c) and marketing manager Sanskrati Shetty (r) receive the best brand award from Monsylvia of Nation Media.

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