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Swvl app reviews

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Honest Swvl app reviews by users. Swvl is a taxi app service for commuters who want to use organized shared bus transport. It was founded in Egypt and launched in Kenya in February 2019.

After downloading the app and registering, you can use it anytime on established routes. You register as you would on a taxi app such as Uber or Bolt. Then you choose your route, destination, time and pick up point. The app notifies the next driver on the route about a waiting passenger.

Swvl currently operates in Nairobi and also serves long distance travellers to Nakuru and Eldoret. The app also provides chartered bus services. There are plans to explore more routes.

Swvl app reviews show that many passengers avoiding the chaotic Nairobi public transport system appreciate the service. However, the taxi app hasn’t gone without challenges. For instance, Swvl buses nowadays stop at every stage picking up passengers like the normal matatu would do.

The company has also made it difficult for passengers to communicate with management due to lack of dedicated customer service phone line. App users either have to contact the company on Facebook or Twitter or through the app itself.

Sometimes, there are no Swvl app operators on some routes. This happens when Swvl operators pack their buses during non-peak hours.

Have you used Swvl taxi app before? How was your experience? Help other commuters and the company with honest feedback below.

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