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The Canon PowerShot PX Max is the perfect camera to capture group events

I hate being the camera man at get together events. Whether it is a family party during Christmas, a picnic or safari with friends, or just a simple birthday party. The main reasons are that I’d never be able to fully enjoy the moments nor even capture all the goings-on, and I will always miss from the videos and pictures. That’s why the launch of this Canon PowerShot PX Max camera is exciting news.

Imagine setting a small CCTV-like camera at a focal point somewhere at the corner of the room or field where the centre of action is, then immersing yourself into the fun. As the party continues, you command the camera whether to capture a still shot or a video of a particular moment, all without getting to touch it! This is an idea that should have come earlier than now.

Features of the Canon PowerShot PX Max camera

The 11.9 MP camera on a focal lens of 19-57mm is a good start, but I believe with all the advancements made even in the smartphone industry, Canon could have done better. Of course, aren’t they the masters of cameras?  Even selfie cameras are now at 13MP onwards. And the video at 60p? Come on guys.

The 3x optical or 4x digital zoom capability is wonderful though. That makes sure actions at the further end aren’t missed. I can’t complain about the 340˚ pan and 110˚ tilt 19-57mm (equivalent) zoom lens which follows the action and composes great photos and video.

The intelligent facial recognition features are meant to prioritise some faces to capture the most relevant moments. A voice recognition feature allows you to issue settings commands, when and whether you want still photos or video at that moment.

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You can download the Canon PowerShot PX Max app and use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect it to smartphones and tablets. The app not only shows all images and videos but helps in categorising them.

Great for travellers?

Is this camera convenient for travellers? Absolutely! The gadget weighs a mere 170g and uses USB-C recharging. Unfortunately, one has to buy a charger as the camera does not come with one. The battery is a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion that will last you about 2 hours with high shooting frequency and 5 hours with low shooting frequency.

You can use the camera anywhere the temperature is 0 – 40°C and humidity at 10 – 90 percent.

The Canon PowerShot PX Max also understands voice commands in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. I hope to see them add Swahili in subsequent releases or updates.