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The most visited website in the world 2021

There has been a coup in the most popular website in the world ranks as at December 2021. Yes, TikTok is now the most visited website in the world toppling long-time king, Google. This is according to ranking tracker and IT security company, CloudFlare.

The Chinese social media website has been on top of the world since August. It at first knocked Google off the top spot in February and March before slumping, and then regaining the spot in June before falling off in July. In August when it regained the top spot again, it hasn’t fallen off for five consecutive months.

The Covid-19 pandemic is assumed to be the biggest factor driving traffic to TikTok as most countries experienced lockdowns and people sought out social entertainment. Unsurprisingly, another entertainment website, Netflix, was among those whose rise soared.

Below is a list of the most visited websites in the world according to CloudFlare:


The accuracy of web traffic however remains a contested issue as it is never precise. Results will always depend on the tools you use. For instance, Alexa shows that in the last three months, TikTok was only the 62nd most popular website in the world. (Alexa.Com will be discontinued in early 2022 giving opportunity to emergence of new web traffic trackers)