Uber launches boat taxis piloting in Lagos

Uber launches boat taxis piloting in Lagos

Uber has started piloting boat taxis in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital Friday 11, October. The UberBoat which will operate only on weekdays between 8am- 5pm will charge 500 Naira (USD 1.39). The service comes just a few months after the ride hailing company revealed it in talks with regulatory authorities and the Lagos state government about the initiative.

UberBoats is a collaboration with local boat operator Texas Connection Ferris and the Lagos State Waterways Authority. The taxi hailing app said in a statement that service aims to provide commuters with an “easy and affordable way to get in and out of the city’s business districts” and its charges are 50 percent of the current fares.

While Lagos has one of the highest car densities in the world, customers who use Uber taxis to get to the boat jetty will get a 50 percent discount on the road. The city has a traffic congestion problem estimated at 200 cars per kilometre. The state government of Babajide Sanwo-Olu is keen to use its undertutilised waterways as an alternative to ease transportation challenges.

There will be four trips a day during the piloting phase with each boat carrying up to 35 people per trip. “We want ferries that carry 60 to 80 people,” Babajide said referring to future plans.

Feature Photo: Reuters

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