Uganda joins these 8 countries in gambling ban

Uganda joins these 8 countries in gambling ban

Uganda has now banned sports betting thanks to a presidential directive. The Ugandan State Minister for Finance in charge of Planning Mr David Bahati said the president was concerned that youths were paying more attention to betting rather than hard work.

According to Mr Bahati, the government will no longer register any new sports betting, gambling, and gaming companies. The government will also not renew the licenses for any existing company carrying out betting activities.

According to the Daily Monitor, the Ministry of Finance through its spokesman Mr Jim Mugunga could not confirm the directive. The spokesman said that the directive could be legit since it was coming from a Minister.

“I don’t know but since it was said by a minister, quote him. That’s good news,” Mr Mugunga said.

If effected, Uganda will join these countries in banning gambling. It is not clear right now if the East African country will ban other forms of gambling.


Cambodia does not allow gambling in all its forms. However, that does not mean the practice does not take place with many blaming corruption within the authorities tasked to ensure the 1996 antigambling law is adhered to. Surprisingly, this law can only be applied to locals and not foreigners. Only the government can sponsor gambling activities and there are several casinos where tourists can gamble.


Thailand has banned all forms of betting and gambling apart from betting on horse races and lotteries organized by the government. The business still takes place though within the Asian country’s borders and just next door in Cambodia where Thais are accused of running huge gambling businesses. Online sports betting has taken root in recent times as the government there grapples with how to control it.


You cannot gamble online in Japan unless you want to stay in their virtually empty prison cells. If you feel the urge, then visit a casino so long as it is operating in an entertainment venue which has a hotel and an international conference hall. It is not easy to even get the casino license thus very few facilities have gambling.

Racetracks and other sports betting activities are allowed, and the Integrated Resort Programme Law of 2016 allows for land-based casino games.

United Arab Emirates

Access to online gambling platforms is restricted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Like many other Islamic countries, the UAE does not allow any form of betting. The country has regulations in place to ensure no one gets a loophole to gamble, with penalties ranging to up to two-year prison terms.

North Korea

North Korea does not allow its own citizens to gamble either online or in mortar and brick casinos. Tourists can gamble in the only casino in the communist country in the capital Pyongyang. Tourists have to be guided on these tours.


Brunei is an Islamic country that does not also allow betting in all its formats. Law enforcers are strict with the antigambling laws. Being a small country, you can be sure anything illegal is easy to spot.


The oil rich gulf country is one of the strictest when it comes to enforcing antigambling laws. Betting in whatever format you would think of is not allowed in Qatar. Like any other country though, there are underground cells that carry out gambling activities including online sports betting albeit at a risk.


Lebanon has very interesting facilitation tactics for gamblers. While it has banned gambling within the country, gamblers can board a ship and do their thing in international waters. There is only one permitted casino known as Casino du Liban in the city of Jounieh.

It is evident from this list that Islamic countries are strictest on matters gambling, while some secular countries have tough laws that control gaming. Since gaming or betting generates a lot of money for businessmen and the government, taking it out altogether is a tall order, but tough regulation helps tame the habit.

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