What you will miss in new Huawei phones

Huawei is currently the second biggest smartphone maker in the world by volume sales, just behind Samsung. The Chinese company was steadily matching towards overthrowing the South Korean phone maker from the peak by 2020. There was even more possibility when the Samsung foldable smartphone failed to launch while Huawei had its version the Mate X showcased at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, hoping to avoid the mistakes by their rivals. However, the plans to conquer the world were nipped in the bud by the escalating US – China trade wars, with Huawei being blacklisted by the American government. So, if you are planning to buy a Huawei phone, this is what you will miss:

Google Play Store

Google suspended preinstalling its play store in Huawei phones following the blacklisting of the Chinese firm. The play store is where you would find thousands of convenience third party apps. If you want to download those apps, you may do so directly from their various websites. The current Huawei phones which already had the play store before the trade wars flared will continue to receive updates for the time being – until they cease.

No Android system means no You Tube, Google Maps, Gmail etc

Huawei, like many other smartphone makers depends on the Android Operating System. The Android system is developed and owned by Google. Current Huawei phone users will not be able to get android software updates which are crucial for fixing bugs and security issues. New phone users will not be able to have preinstalled You Tube and Google Maps among other Google products and services. As for Huawei, without Android OS, no one knows what the future holds for them outside China. Even so the company can still use the open source Android which has limited service and products and is less secure.

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No more Intel parts in the phone

Intel is the world’s largest chip maker whose components can be found in almost every smartphone and computer. Being among the US companies that suspended business with Huawei, it means the Chinese phone maker will have to shop for a new chip maker. Unfortunately, the best-known chip makers such as Xilinx, Broadcom, and Qualcom are owned by Americans and likewise are no longer doing business with Huawei.

Preinstalled Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook also suspended business with Huawei. You will therefore not have preinstalled Facebook on your new Huawei phone. Neither will you have Instagram and WhatsApp. You will not be able to get automatic updates for these when you install them directly from the web.

Preinstalled apps from American companies such as

More American companies are suspending business with Huawei covertly. Therefore, if you buy a new Huawei phone that just left the factory, it will not have preinstalled apps by these companies, such as

The short if it is, Huawei is in the red regarding smartphone business. It will take time for it to find its footing again if the suspension of business with American companies is upheld. The US has also led a sustained campaign to have its allies reject Huawei equipment due to security fears and cancel agreements for 5G network development.