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Why Samsung Galaxy Fold release was cancelled

Samsung Galaxy Fold problems

Samsung was supposed to release its massively advertised Samsung Galaxy Fold on April 26 in China, but the launch has been cancelled. The smartphone pioneer was to release to the market its latest groundbreaking gadget which it said ‘uses multiple new technologies and materials to create a display flexible enough to fold.’

Test smartphones have however encountered numerous problems leading to the cancellation of the launch.

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Reviewers experienced a myriad of problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold mainly with its display functionality. Issues raised are:

While Samsung remains upbeat to maintain its groundbreaking technological innovation lead, the issues discovered in the Samsung Galaxy Fold may make a foldable phone uncertain. The company says it will issue a new launch date in the coming weeks once the problems are dealt with. These are issues that other companies exploring the foldable phone technology, such as Huawei (Mate X) and Motorola will be concerned with.

Photo credit: Marques Brownlee

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